4 Items You Need to Stock in Your Shop If You're Trying to Appeal to Eco-Conscious Shoppers

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Sustainability is important to a lot of shoppers, and huge amount of market research indicates that it's especially important to millennials. If you want to attract more millennials or just more eco-conscious people of all ages to your shop, you need to stock the right products. Consider the following ideas:

1. Drought-Resistant Plants

These plants are key if you're trying to appeal to eco-conscious shoppers. They require less water to thrive, and that helps reduce the burden on the buyer's water bill. It also helps to save water in general. Typically, you want to stock a range of plants that appeal to people who are interested in xeriscaping.

2. Local Plants

In addition to drought-resistant plants, you may want to have a particular focus on local plants. You can pick up a range of local plants from a plant wholesaler. Those plants can be essential if you're trying to attract shoppers who are more concerned with buying plants that haven't used a lot of petrol to reach their destination.

These shoppers are a direct contrast with shoppers who want exotic plants, regardless of the petrol-fueled journey they took to their new homes. Word to the wise—if you opt to carry both options, you may want to display them in different parts of your shop. Plants that are perceived to be harmful to the environment (because they need extra water or consumed a lot of fuel in their journey to your store) may turn off eco-conscious shoppers.  

3. Fruit-Bearing Plants

Many eco-conscious people also love the idea of growing their own food. It offers them a way to get organic food relatively inexpensively, and when food grow right outside their back door, it's extremely local. Additionally, it's a great way for families to teach their kids about gardening and small scale organic farming.  

4. Automatic Waterers

Beyond plants, you need products that can appeal to your shoppers. Automatic waterers should be at the top of the list. This can include small glass watering bulbs. You upturn these bulbs into the soil next to a plant and they slowly release drips of water.

Alternatively, you can take a more tech-based approach and opt for an automatic waterer that connects to a sprinkler system. That allows your shoppers to set up a watering schedule. Ideally, to appeal to shoppers with an eco-conscious mindset, you want waterers that have an automatic rain sensor so they don't run in the rain.

To get more ideas, head to a wholesale nursery and talk with a specialist, like one from Din San Nursery. They can give you ideas on what might work for your shop.


7 November 2017

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