Two Essential DIY Roller Door Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

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Just as with other structures on your property, your garage doors would benefit from preventative maintenance to minimise the risk of structural damage. However, homeowners typically neglect their roller doors as they assume it would be too tedious to care for them. Thus, they leave this work to the professionals by investing in a seasonal tune-up every once in a while.

Although professional maintenance is pertinent, you should also take the time to carry out your own DIY measures, as these will help in keeping the roller door functional for longer. Moreover, DIY care also gives you the chance to spot anything that may be off-kilter and have you seek repairs before the issue becomes devastating. Read on for two essential DIY roller door maintenance tips that every homeowner should know.

Thorough garage door cleaning

It may sound straightforward, but in truth, a significant number of homeowners are not exhaustive when cleaning their roller doors. Typically, people will focus on the doors themselves and will wipe away grime that has begun to form a layer on the surface. However, this form of cleaning is mainly for aesthetic appeal. You also have to get your hand dirty by accessing hard to reach areas of your roller doors and eliminate debris that has started to accumulate in these areas.

Grease, spider webs, dead bugs and more can collect in the garage door tracks. If not cleaned routinely they will impede the movement of the roller doors, causing them to stick. It is critical to have a set schedule of when this deep cleaning will be performed on your garage doors.

Adequate garage door lubrication

Getting your garage door hardware clean is not the only maintenance step to take. Take note that there is a vast array of movable parts that make up your garage doors. If these movable parts are not attended to, you will notice your roller doors start to squeak and become much more difficult to operate. It is advisable to visit your local hardware store and invest in appropriate lubricant.

Silicone-based lubricants are best as they do not leave a greasy film around your hardware. Use a spray nozzle to gently lubricate roller hinges, the roller chain, the tracks and any other part that moves. Take note not to apply too much lubrication assuming that it will last longer. Overzealous lubricating will only be a dust magnet, which would accelerate the rate at which your roller doors become filthy again.


22 November 2017

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