How to Keep Items Safe in Self-Storage

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A self-storage unit can be the best option for many people, as there isn't always room enough in the home to safely store sporting goods, out-of-season clothes and accessories, tools and landscaping equipment, and even collectibles. A self-storage unit can keep those items organized and protected, while also opening up room in the home's garage or basement.

You may even find that you can purge items you no longer need if you use a self-storage unit, as this allows you to easily go through all your belongings, taking stock of what things are outdated, unusable, and ready for the bin. However, for things you do want to keep, note a few tips on how to safely store them in such a unit, so they'll be in good condition when you're ready to retrieve them again:

Cover everything in plastic

Don't assume you can store bikes, tools, furniture, and other such items in a storage unit without a covering of some sort. The metal frame of bikes and metal pieces of tools can easily rust when in a storage unit, as humidity can get trapped in those units and settle onto those metal pieces. Wood can also absorb humidity, so your wood furniture gets soft and becomes more prone to breakage. Fabric furniture can also absorb humidity, so that the fabric and foam under it are both ruined. Covering these items with plastic tarps can protect them from humidity that may settle around them, keeping them in good condition.

Be careful of paper packaging

When you put items in boxes, you may want to first wrap them in a paper of some sort, to keep them cushioned and to protect them from moisture build-up and potential mould growth. However, it's good to be mindful of newspaper ink that can easily transfer onto the items you're storing; you might not mind having to wash dishes and glassware once you take them out of a storage box, if they get newspaper ink on their surfaces, but that ink won't come out of clothes, linens, and fabrics! Coloured tissue paper can also bleed ink if it should get wet, or simply transfer some of that colour to your stored items.

To avoid this damage, use acid-free tissue paper, butcher-block paper, or packing paper you get from a storage supply store. Avoid any paper with colour or anything printed on its surface; this includes the recycled paper from the office if it's been used for printing, glossy magazines, and all other paper with ink of any sort.


27 November 2017

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