Scratched and Chipped Shower Screen: DIY Repair

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Glass shower screens allow light to enter your bathroom and create a clean and contemporary look. A glass shower screen is also very easy to clean and is a mould- and mildew-resistant material. While the majority of shower screens are made using toughened glass, they are not completely resistant to damage. If items forcefully come into contact with the shower screen, the glass may notice be scratched or chipped. Below is a guide to the steps you can take to repair a chipped or scratched shower screen.

Wash down the glass screen

The first thing you need to do is to wash down the screen using warm water and liquid soap. The easiest way to do this is to apply a little liquid soap to the glass then use the shower head to apply warm water. Doing so will help to remove any grease or grime which is clinging to the surface of the glass. Once you have washed the screen, you should allow it to dry out before moving on to the next step. If you do not wash and dry the glass screen before you begin your repair work, you may interfere with the sealant you will apply in the next part of the job. 

Apply the sealant

Many home hardware stores stock epoxy sealant which can be used to repair damaged glass. Pick up a pack of the epoxy resin and read the instructions which are printed on the box carefully as different types of sealant take longer to cure than other types. You should also ensure that the sealant you are buying is water resistant. The pack should also contain a small plastic wand which can be used to apply the sealant to the damaged area of glass. Apply the resin to the scratched or chipped area so that it fills the void. You should then run the plastic wand along the surface of the glass to remove any excess resin, so the repaired area is flush with the surface of the shower glass. Once you have applied the resin, you will have to wait until the epoxy filling has set hard before using the shower. The amount of time this will take will be listed in the instructions. If when the resin has set, it is standing out above the surface of the surrounding glass, you should use very fine sandpaper to smooth out the bump.

If you do not feel confident carrying out this repair work yourself, you should contact a contractor or buy a new shower screen from a place like A.T. Glass & Aluminium.


29 November 2017

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