Choosing the Right Flowers for Various Occasions

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When you want to send or order flowers for a certain occasion, it may not occur to you that you should be selective about what flower varieties, and even the colours, you choose for each type of occasion. Various flowers have various meanings attached to them, as do different flower colours. Note a few tips on choosing the right flowers for various occasions so you know you get the right arrangement or bouquet for yourself or for someone else.

Casual flowers

For a birthday, or to congratulate a co-worker on a promotion, you want to send flowers that are considered casual, and not associated with love or any type of holiday. Daisies and asters have a very casual look to them, as do carnations. Asters are often purple, and carnations can be dyed any colour, so choose something festive and bright, such as yellow, to offset the white of daisies you might include in the arrangement. Tulips also come in a wide variety of colours and are often associated with spring, so if the event happens in the springtime, opt for a bouquet or even a pot of tulips in bright and bold colours.

Romantic flowers

Roses are often associated with love and romance, but you might not be ready to send roses to a special someone, and people can also be allergic to the strong scent of roses. Instead, opt for irises, which have a nice purple colour that is associated with love, and which don't have a strong scent that may trigger allergies. Violets are also romantic flowers, and red lilies can be appreciated, and are a good substitute for red roses. Orchids are also very delicate flowers and are often used for corsages for weddings, so they also have a romantic touch to them.


For a funeral, or for the family of someone who has passed away, avoid roses, as these are associated with love and romance, as said. Chrysanthemums have a very textured appearance that makes them attractive, but they are without bold colours that may seem inappropriate for a funeral. Since carnations can be easily dyed, they might be used to make an arrangement in a particular colour theme, such as the colours of a country's flag for a deceased soldier. Lilies are also often preferred for funerals; white lilies can be cheerful without being inappropriate, or you might choose something in a deep lavender tone for a small splash of colour, and to offset the greenery of a bouquet.


4 December 2017

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