Four Practical Guidelines on Storing Firewood in Your Home


Storing your firewood correctly in your home will ensure that the quality of the material does not decline. If the wood is placed poorly, it will gain or retain moisture, increasing the amount of smoke produced during use. Also, irresponsible storage might encourage the growth of mould on the firewood and pest infestation. If you are not sure about the correct storage methods for optimal firewood performance, consider using these simple guidelines for the best results.

Stack the Wood Outside

You should stack your firewood in piles outside your house in a secure place. It is not advisable to bring in your wood into your building because the dry wood will attract a range of problematic pests such as termites, ants and even mice. By piling your firewood outside, you will also ensure that air continues circulating the pieces, promoting optimal dryness. Do not build very high piles because they might topple and pose significant hazards.

Elevate the Material

It is not a good idea to pile firewood directly on the soil outside your house. Subterranean termites are a common concern in most parts of the country, and this practice will increase the risk of an infestation. In simple terms, subterranean termites live in the soil, and they consume wood for nourishment. If there is wood-to-ground contact, they will damage your wood quickly. Therefore, build a rack or purchase an elevated platform to stack your wood.

Protect From Rain

Firewood cannot be used to create a good fire when the material is wet. Therefore, you should make sure that the pieces are protected from adverse weather conditions, particularly rain, after storage. Under ideal circumstances, you should build a woodshed on your property. This structure can have only a roof and supporting poles to ensure proper air circulation. However, you can also purchase a tarp to place over the wood, primarily during the wet seasons.

Consider Safety

You should ensure that the storage of your firewood does not cause danger to your home. This wood is specially prepared for burning. Therefore, if you place it near items which are likely to ignite the material, a disaster could arise. You should not place the firewood close to vehicles because exhaust pipes and engines might trigger a spark. Also, you should be careful about using tools such as welders and plasma torches around the wood. A stray spark could kindle a fire.

Finally, you should ensure that you will have convenient access to your firewood when a fire needed. 


5 December 2017

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