Answering Your Questions About a Split System Air Conditioner

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A split system air conditioner is becoming a very popular option for homes today; this system pushes cool air through a front panel, like a window air conditioner but is installed in a wall or the ceiling, not a window. A split system air conditioner is also more powerful than a window air conditioner, so it can cool a large living or family room. If your home needs a new air conditioner, or you want to expand on the air conditioning system currently installed, note a few questions you might have about split systems to help you determine if they're the right choice for your home.

Are they loud?

Window air conditioners are often loud because there is not much material muffling the sound of the fan and motor inside the unit, but split system units are typically much quieter. This is because the back of the unit, which houses the fan and motor, is encased in the walls or ceiling. This helps to absorb and muffle the sound of those pieces.

Note, too, that many high-quality units will have added sound absorption qualities; they may be made with an insulating material inside the unit, to keep it quieter and to help absorb movement, so that the unit doesn't start to rattle as it runs. This results in a very quiet operation that is suitable for bedrooms, home theatres and the like.

Can they cool an entire home?

A split system unit can cool a very large area of the home, but a system installed on the first floor won't cool the upper floors, and it won't cool an adjoining room if there is a wall and door between that room. Installing separate split system units in various areas or zones of the home is an option; these can be connected to the same hose and vent that goes out an exterior wall of the home, but with separate panels.

Can a split system be installed in a home with a steel frame?

Most residential homes have a wood frame that you can drill through if you need to install wires, pipes, and other pieces that require external access. If your home has a steel frame, however, a split system installer can still cut through the areas between the framework pieces to install the vent and condensation hose needed for the unit. They can also install the unit if your home is made with brick or metal siding and even if it's covered with a concrete cladding.


8 December 2017

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