Pros and Cons of Various Types of Window Blinds for the Home

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Choosing the right style of blinds for your home's windows is very important, as those blinds can either add to the overall look of your space, or actually detract from a room's style. Some blinds are also better at blocking out light and sound, whereas others may be easier to clean—something to consider if you have children or pets. To ensure you choose the best window blinds for your home, note a few pros and cons of various types, and this can help you to make the best decision for each room of your home.

Metal blinds

Metal blinds work well with a modern home that has lots of glass and metal accents inside. They are also very durable and not likely to break or sag, and very easy to clean. They can be the best choice for homes with children or pets, or for the bathroom and kitchen, where oil, dirt and other debris can travel with the humidity in that space and then settle on the blinds.

However, metal does have a cold look and feel to it, so these blinds may not create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere in a room or do much to insulate the space. They can also be noisy when they hit the frame on which they're installed, so keep that in mind if you're shopping for blinds for a patio door that will be opened and closed often.

Fabric blinds

Fabric blinds can soften a space and make it seem cosier, and help to insulate noise from inside or outside the home. Roller shades made with thick fabric may provide the most light blockage for a room, so they're a good choice for bedrooms and home theatres. These may be the most difficult type of blinds to keep clean, however, so be sure you choose a durable fabric that's been protected with a sealant of some sort if you have children or pets.

Honeycomb shades

Honeycomb shades are two pieces of paper fabric that are sewn together with a diamond pattern stitching, so that there are air pockets between the two pieces, in a honeycomb design. These air pockets provide lots of insulation in a space and also give the blinds some depth and texture for a very attractive look. If you do opt for these types of blinds, be sure to invest in a high-quality, thick paper, as thinner, low-quality paper materials may tend to wrinkle or even tear before long, and they will then need replacing.


8 December 2017

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