5 Reasons to Deal with That Dirty Carpet Now

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Carpets and rugs are very pleasant to look at, and step on, but they're subjected to lots of wear and tear depending on where they're placed. Proper care can help you to mitigate damage to extend the lifespan of your carpet. This article discusses some reasons a clean carpet should be part of your home or office maintenance regimen. Read on to learn more.

1. Greasy carpets attract dirt

It's a vicious cycle really: the more your carpet is used, the more it accumulates oily residues from people, pets and other sources. These residues make it easier for dirt and debris to lock into the carpet fibres. With prolonged use without cleaning, your carpet will start changing colour and some of the stains may be permanent. It's advisable to vacuum daily or several times a week depending on traffic to prevent accumulation of loose dirt. Getting protectors for high traffic areas such as corridors can also help.

2. Dirt destroys your carpet

Even though your carpet looks thick and fluffy, the individual fibres can be quite weak. Soil and dirt particles can accumulate, tear through the fibres and form pits that are unreachable even when vacuuming. These particles grind and loosen the fibres each time someone walks on them, slowly damaging your carpet.

3. Dirty carpets are germ nirvana

If your hands have millions of bacteria at normal times, imagine how much more germs dirty carpets can hold. Carpet fibres can hold on to dirt, germs, dust mites and other allergens, all of which can cause illnesses. These pollutants will be released into the air every time someone moves across the space. People with allergies, asthma, rhinitis and other sinus problems would have frequent attacks in such places.

Vacuuming isn't enough, although it's a good start. You need to have regular, professional cleaning that reaches into the fibres to remove or kill all germs.

4. The shoe rule

Except for offices, the general rule is to remove outdoor shoes before walking onto a carpet. Shoes add on and grind dirt into the carpet, escalating damage as described above. Also, your feet may end up collecting more germs on a dirty carpet than the rest of the floor in the house, which isn't great news if you have an open wound on your feet.

5. Carpets can be dirtier than toilet seats

While carpets are great additions in a home, their nature (i.e. presence of intertwined fibres) means that they can hold on to more dirt and germs than even the toilet. This is worse if the carpet is stepped on with shoes from outside. Without knowing, your carpet may be playing host to thousands of disease-causing organisms, even apart from the dirt. Carpets are only good if they're kept very clean; otherwise, they can become a health hazard.


12 December 2017

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