Important Details to Remember When Choosing Curtains for Your Home

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You may not give much thought to your home's window treatments, but the right curtains can enhance a room's overall visual appeal, and even help to keep the space insulated. The wrong curtains will not only fail to enhance the space, but may also become an outright eyesore! To ensure you choose the right curtains for your home, note a few important details to remember, and consider getting custom curtains made if needed, so you are happy with your home's window treatments for years to come.

Length of curtains

It's typically recommended that you hang a curtain rod higher than the window frame, so the frame itself doesn't get in the way of the movement of the curtains. This also adds height to the windows, so they are more eye-catching. It's also typically recommended that curtains just brush the floor, so that they are more proportionate to the windows and the wall itself.

However, you need to consider their height when choosing curtains; something with a strong print or bold colour might seem too overwhelming once they're hung over the windows, and especially if you choose a longer length. You might need to choose a shorter curtain if you want to keep a bold colour or pattern, or tone down the curtain print itself if you like the look of long panels.

Weave of curtains

If you want to block light from coming into a room, don't assume that darker curtains are automatically the best choice. Dark curtains with a loose weave will allow in lots of light, whereas even white curtains that have a dense weave will block more light. Choose a fabric such as wool or cotton, or opt for a light linen with a light-blocking backing, for maximum shading in a room.

Cleaning of curtains

Opt for curtains that machine washable if you have children and pets, or if you prefer to keep the windows open often, as curtains can hold dirt and other debris that comes in through the windows, making them look dingy and dull. It's also good to opt for easily washable fabric if you choose curtains with grommets, or that otherwise need to be opened and closed by hand. Even if your hands are clean, those curtains may soon show dirt, smudges and fingerprints from where you grab them for opening and closing, so opt for something you can wash yourself when necessary, rather than having to take them to a dry cleaners every time they need cleaning.


13 December 2017

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