What to Ask Your Removalist When Planning a Household Move

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If you're planning a household move, it's often good to use the services of a removalist or moving company, as they are usually better equipped to move your very heavy or very delicate items, ensuring the safety of those items during transit. If you are going to hire a removalist for your household move, note a few important questions to ask, so the move goes as smoothly as possible and so that no detail is overlooked during the planning stages.

Ask about pets

A removalist may be able to move your pet for you, but may require you to use one of their special carriers or crates. They may also need some notice beforehand, so that they can leave adequate room in the truck, ensuring that the pet has enough air circulation and won't be buried under other moving boxes!

Some removalists may also only handle certain pets and not others; for example, they may not move snakes or lizards or other such creatures, even if they're in a fully-sealed terrarium. You might also face restrictions on bringing exotic pets out of state. Whatever the case, always ask their requirements if there are any animals involved in your move, so you can plan and prepare properly.

Ask about insurance

A removalist should have insurance to cover damage or loss while your items are in transit, but it's good to ask the amount of their insurance if you have anything of particular value. This might include artwork, musical instruments, antiques, expensive clothes, and the like. If something is damaged and its value is beyond their insurance coverage, it may be difficult to get reimbursed for that additional loss. Ask your own insurance company about extending your homeowner's or renter's insurance to cover such items, or ask about buying additional insurance from the removalists to cover such potential damage.

Ask how to prepare furniture

A removalist may request that you empty drawers of a dresser or cabinet, or tape closed drawers of items that can't be emptied, such as a toolbox. They may actually request that you not stack chairs on top of each other, as this may not be a good way to load them into a moving van. Loose couch cushions might be moved separately, so they may ask that you actually take these off the couch and put them in a moving box or bag, to help protect them. Whatever the case, ask about furniture prep so you get as much of it done before the move as possible.


13 December 2017

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