Best Guideline for Gutter Downspouts in Your Home

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Gutters require different parts for them to function properly. You must fit them with end caps to stop the rainwater from overflowing beyond the cross-sectional length of the gutter. More importantly, you must fit the gutters with downspouts to direct the water away from the house to an area where it will not cause damage to the foundation of the house. When doing this, you need to understand a few things about downspouts to ensure that the installation meets the required functional standards. Here is a good guide for the things you need to know about gutter downspouts:

Install Downspouts over Porches

Porches beautify your home and provide the extra living space you require to spend outdoors. If you have a storied house, you should keep water from falling directly on the porch to keep its foundation safe. Downspouts will help you achieve this by installing them on the floor or roof section directly above the porch. Clamp the downspouts firmly against the adjacent walls, especially in places where it is not possible to fit the downspouts in the corners.

Fit Downspouts in Corners

Corners have a great way of disguising your downspouts and making sure that they do not look imposing on your house. They make the downspouts sink in pretty well. Additionally, the corners enable you to space the downspouts appropriately so that you do not fit too many of them all over the walls.

Make Sure You Have Extensions

Despite having downspouts in the corners and spacing them appropriately, it is equally vital to have extensions on them. Water should not drain through the downspouts and soak the ground in the area close to the house. It will damage the foundation, causing the walls to sink gradually into the wet soil. Preferably, your downspout extensions should drain the water 4 feet away from the nearby walls. It is also advisable to direct the water into a dedicated trench connected to a water harvesting system such as a storm-water pit.

Go Green with Diverters

In this day and age, going green does the environment a big favour. You can use the water draining through your downspouts in a constructive manner using diverters. Their work is to direct the water into other locations such as flower beds, grass lawns or garden plants that you need to water. You can also direct the water into a rain barrel, and use it for other purposes.

Contact a guttering business, like Trimview Mobile Guttering, to learn more about the proper use and installation of downspouts.


24 January 2018

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