Small But Important Details to Consider When Choosing a Wire or Mesh Fence

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A wire fence is a great choice for any property, but especially for larger lots and for farmland, as wire or mesh is very affordable and not likely to get damaged from livestock rubbing against it. When you shop for wire or mesh supplies, you may be surprised by the many options you have, so note a few small but important details to consider, and this will ensure you choose the best fence for your lot in particular.

Wire type and coating

Fence wire or mesh is often stainless steel, or vinyl coated. Steel mesh is very strong and durable, so it may be a good choice if the fence is going to be exposed to harsh weather, salt, and other damaging elements.

On the other hand, vinyl coated fencing is softer to the touch. This can be a good choice for fences that are erected around farms, as the softer vinyl may cause less irritation to an animal's skin if they should rub up against the fence.

Wire gauge

The wire gauge refers to the actual thickness of the wire that makes up the mesh. A smaller gauge number means a wider and thicker wire, which is also a good choice for fences around livestock, as thicker wire will be less likely to cut into their skin if they brush the fence. Thicker gauge is also good if you have animals who might try to chew on the fence. Large animals with strong jaws and sharp teeth might easily tear through thin wire, whereas thicker wire will be nearly impossible for them to damage.

However, if you need a mesh fence for a residential property in the suburbs, you may not need to invest in thick gauge. A thinner gauge will look less industrial, making it a good choice for your suburban property.

Size and shape of mesh

A wire or mesh fence may be made with a variety of weaves, each of which creates a certain size and shape of mesh. This may not seem important, but the shape and size of weave can affect the look of the fence. A square weave might seem very industrial, whereas a rounded weave or hexagon shape might seem softer, and more fitting on a residential property. Smaller mesh affords more privacy, but a larger size and shape of mesh means more sunlight onto your property, and a fence that doesn't look like a solid wall!


12 March 2018

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