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When the warm season starts, most people feel the need to invest in quality outdoor furniture, such as an outdoor dining table and chairs. However, when heavy rains start pounding our outdoor spaces, it becomes really difficult to preserve the furniture. At times, the combined weather elements which create a problem for everything that you have spent a lot of money on during the spring and summer. However, it is possible to avoid all these problems by simply being more careful during the selection process. Here are three tips which can help you pick the best patio furniture and avoid having to replace it each year.

Choose teak for wood

Teak is an excellent choice when you want wooden patio furniture because it has high resistance to extreme weather conditions. In addition to its adaptivity to harsh weather, teak is also very beautiful and has warm tones. The natural oil and resin content in teak also makes it easier for the material to resist insect attacks and water retention. The excessive oil is a shield against dry rot, which is quite common in other types of wood.

Pick synthetic resin

Resin is another material that does extremely well for outdoor furniture. Resin is easy to maintain, very light weight and also extremely durable. If you want that classic outdoor look, you can invest in resin which has been woven into the natural wicker style. You can have removable throw-pillows placed on top of the resin chair. These will make the chair comfortable to sit on, and the pillows will be easy to remove during the wet weather.

Choose Aluminum for metallic furniture

Metallic furniture is popular for the outdoors because it has a higher resistance to extreme weather conditions than wood. However, some metals like wrought iron are heavy duty and prone to rusting. However, metals like aluminum are lightweight and very resistant to rust, rainfall and cracking due to sunshine. The only places where aluminum may not be great are places where the weather is extremely windy. If high winds are in the forecast, be sure to move your outdoor furniture indoors.

These are some of the tips which can help you get the ideal weather resistant furniture for the outdoors. Always make sure that you consult about the qualities of each individual material which you invest in, as this will determine how long the furniture serves you before you need to replace it.


3 May 2018

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