Gutter Guards: What Are Your Options?

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Cleaning out your gutters can be a messy and time-consuming task. Therefore, if you are looking for a solution to make your gutter cleaning much easier, gutter guards are definitely something you should consider. A leaf guard will channel out water, keep leaves and other debris out of your gutters, and make your overall gutter maintenance an easier task. However, gutter guards aren't created equal and can be quite costly. Therefore, you must be keen in your selection in order to find something that will work for your home. Knowing your options will help you choose wisely. For this reason, here is a brief overview of some of the types of gutter guards you will find on the market.


Screens come in a range of materials and can be metal or plastic. Screens are easy to install and you can even do it yourself. They can be slid under your roof shingles or simply dropped in your gutters. The former is usually a good idea because the screens angle downward and debris can easily slide off your roof. However, this kind of installation is not always the ideal option, especially for shingle types that cannot be pried up such as asphalt shingles or simply old and brittle shingles. In such situations, drop-in screens would be the better alternative.

Screens are cheap and can work on different types of roofs including steel, tile, slate and shingle. However, the holes in screens can sometimes let in small debris such as seeds. That means you would have to remove the screens to clean such debris. Therefore, screens are ideal where leaves are your main problem. You should also consider metal screens because their plastic counterparts can suffer damage from the sun's UV rays.

Fine Mesh

Fine mesh gutter guards function the same way as screens but are a better alternative. That's because they keep most materials out of your gutters, including seeds, pine needles and more. Only the smallest debris, such as shingle grit, can pass through the fine mesh. These types of gutter guards are also easier to clean than their screen counterparts, which can allow some of the debris to get entangled, making it harder to brush or blow off. While fine mesh gutters will require some occasional maintenance and cleaning, it's not as much as screens would call for.

Surface Tension

Surface tension gutter guards tend to be the best overall. Installation involves slipping them under your roof shingles and screwing them to the gutters. They have a nose that allows water to flow into your gutter. Leaves and other debris easily fall off over the edge of these gutter guards. However, for surface tension gutter guards to be effective, the angle at which they are installed has to be similar to the slope of your roof. What's more, they are the most expensive and are more difficult to install. Also, in a heavy downpour, water can easily shoot over these gutter guards.


23 May 2018

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