4 Features Not to Forget to Include in Your New Kitchen

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Whether you're renovating your old kitchen or planning one for a new home, designing and building a new kitchen from scratch can be a lot of fun. However, with so many choices to make when choosing from the available options of all the different categories of kitchen customisables, don't be surprised if you forget an important feature or end up regretting your choice of an inferior product later on. So, what are some vital kitchen features that you shouldn't forget to include in your new kitchen?

A Stunning Benchtop

As the kitchen benchtops are one of the first places that your guests will look when they enter your kitchen, you certainly shouldn't settle for the stock-standard default benchtops offered by many building companies, which often have a vested interest in their offered options. Why stick with cheap, painted plywood, for example, when you could get a thick slab of polished stone, a modern, shiny stainless steel or a marble-mimicking quartz kitchen benchtop?

Your Choice of Flat Pack

If you are building a new place, don't limit your new kitchen's potential to your builder's options. And if you're renovating, why would you reuse your old cupboards and drawers? With Australia's intense culture of home renovation, it's hard to find a city or even a town in the country that doesn't have a kitchen wholesale store, each often offering dozens of flat packs to choose from, all of which you can see in person so you can easily see how they fit your chosen colour palette.

Modern Electricity-Saving Appliances

A new kitchen should definitely be installed with new appliances, not just so they match the new look of the room, but also to save some cash on your energy bills. There are Wi-Fi ovens that can decide what temperature to cook your food according to the input recipe, steam ovens that can also cook your food via convection and smart fridges that can send a picture of what's inside of them to your phone while you're out shopping, to remind you to buy that loaf of bread you almost forgot.

Kitchen Garden

Whether modern or archaic, no domestic kitchen is complete without a window-side herb and microgreen garden. Offering a level of freshness and purity far beyond that capable of even the most trustworthy farmer's market, you can decide exactly what the herbs and microgreens you grow are exposed to and add them to your dishes straight from the source.


13 July 2018

Creating A Stylish And Functional Kitchen On A Budget

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and as someone who enjoys cooking, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and need it to be functional and easy to maintain. In the past, I sacrificed style for functionality, but as I use my kitchen frequently, I wanted the space to be aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to spend time in. I began reading interior design and home improvement books to gain some inspiration for transforming my kitchen without breaking the bank, and I now have a kitchen that's stylish and does what I need it to do. The kitchen is often overlooked when it comes to home decor, so I started this blog to share what I've learned with others who don't want to spend time cooking in an ugly, outdated room. I hope you find my blog useful.