Why Should You Choose Roman Blinds Over Venetian Blinds?


Plenty of homeowners eventually find themselves struggling to choose between Venetian blinds and Roman blinds. Venetian blinds are made of several slats that can be adjusted in orientation, while Roman blinds are made of fabric that can be folded up. There are pros and cons on each side, but here are just a few reasons you should pick Roman blinds.

Keeps in More Heat

People generally add blinds to a window so they can control the amount of light that comes in and make sure no one can look inside. However, one thing you might not have considered is how blinds can improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Plenty of heat is lost through windows, even when they are shut and double-glazed, so putting something just in front of them can help control the amount of heat that's lost.

Any kind of blind will have some effect, but Roman blinds do a better job than Venetian blinds. Instead of using relatively thin slats, Roman blinds are made from thicker fabric that sits very close to the window pane.

Match's with Overall Style

You can find Venetian blinds in more materials than Roman blinds, including wood, uPVC and aluminium. However, Roman blinds are available in more styles, fabrics and colours – you can even personalize the fabric yourself. If you want to use your blinds to tie together the room's overall style, Roman blinds are a good idea. You can perfectly match the style, colour or design of other furnishings and pieces of furniture, and you can always leave Roman blinds half down to set off the room without blocking out too much light.

Makes Cleaning Easier

Roman blinds are relatively easy to keep clean. You simply let them right down and brush away any dust that has damaged to accumulate. Of course, very little dust will accumulate since the surface of a Roman blind will always be hanging vertically.

The same isn't true of Venetian blinds. Since their slats will often be adjusted horizontally, dust tends to settle after a couple of hours. Once it does, you need to go over every single slat to get your blinds looking good as new.

Takes Up Less Space

It might sound silly to talk about how much space different types of blinds take up, but it's worth considering when you're comparing Venetian and Roman. Roman blinds are made of a single piece of fabric that sits close to the windowpane. Venetian blinds project much further since the slats need room to be adjusted. That isn't always an issue, but it can be a bother when you want to put ornaments and other objects on the windowsill.


3 October 2018

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