DIY Tips for Repairing a Torn Shade Sail

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With summer approaching fast, it is time to get the shade sail from the garage. However, if the shade sail has been sitting unused for a long time, the chances are that it might have some level of damage. While you can find shade sail repair specialists in your neighbourhood, some damages are easy to handle at home. Apart from being a fulfilling challenge, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast, repairing a shade sail at home will save you money. This article offers tips for fixing a torn shade sail.

Use a Similar Material -- Shade sails come in different colours and materials. When patching a hole on a shade sail, it is critical to use a material that is closest to the shade's material and colour as possible. The reason is that shade sails do more than protecting you from direct sunlight. For instance, a shade sail adds aesthetic value to your compound when placed on your patio, backyard or next to the swimming pool. If you use a patch of a different colour or material, your shade sail will look less appealing.

Use the Tip of an Iron when Fusing -- Once you find a patching material that you can work with, it is time to fuse it on the torn area. Fusing the patch to the hole prevents it from moving about during sawing. With the patching piece in place, lay a damp cotton cloth over it to prevent heat damage. An iron box is preferred as a heat source. Set the iron box to low heat, then place it directly above the patch. However, make sure that you only apply the tip of the iron box and not its entire base to prevent possible shrinking of the shade sail material from the heat.

Use Pins to Mark the Patch Boundary -- If you want a shade sail repair to appear as natural as possible, and then you need two patches for both sides of the shade sail. The patches must match in colour and size. To position, the second patch on the underside of the shade sail accurately, stick pins to the corners of the first patch. Turn the shade sail over then mark the points with a pencil. Cut the piece according to these dimensions and then fuse it using the same process indicated above.

Use a Thin Needle -- If your shade sail is light enough, you can repair it by hand. If it is not, then a sewing machine will be appropriate. Whichever way you decide to go, your choice of the needle is critical to the integrity of the repairs. You must use a needle that is thin enough to prevent water leakage when it's raining. To be sure, pour a jug of water directly to the mended area and look out for signs of possible leakage.

For more information, contact your local shade sail repairs team. 


28 October 2018

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