Controlling Mud on Your Carpet During the Wet Season

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When the skies open and rain starts pouring down, you may be concerned about mud accumulating on your carpet. Other members of your household may walk in with muddy shoes and turn your soft carpet into a soggy mess.

The good news is that you can control mud accumulation by acting quickly and using the right cleaning strategy. If left ignored, mud can stick on your carpet fibres and spread germs to your kids or pets. Here's a useful cleaning strategy to consider when dealing with mud during the wet season.  

Quarantine the affected area

As opposed to many different types of stains, the best way of dealing with mud is to be patient. Many people make the mistake of scrubbing mud stains and trying to remove them immediately. However, such a response only spreads mud further and makes the situation worse. The good idea is to close off the area and allow the mud to dry. Dry mud is much easier to scrape off and control.   

Pick out as much solid as possible

When the mud has solidified, use a scraper to pick up as much of it as possible. Be gentle when scraping so that you don't remove any carpet fibres in the process. If you have a thick carpet, you may need to scrape under the surface to remove any tiny particles that may be present.

Vacuum debris from the carpet

After scraping, thoroughly vacuum your carpet. Vacuuming removes tiny mud particles and loose soil. It's essential to vacuum the entire carpet so that you don't simply displace mud from one section to another. In some cases, mud also mixes with grass and other debris that may harbour germs. This is why proper vacuuming is critical.

Steam-clean to remove all debris

Finally, using a steamer on the carpet can sanitise your living room for days to come. Steam cleaning is even more useful if you're removing large deposits of mud from the carpet. And because the cleaning action is thorough, you'll enjoy a sanitary carpet for the entire family.

You can further reduce mud stains in the home by encouraging household members to remove their shoes at the door. Install a mudroom carpet near all entrances to the house. In this way, people will be reminded to take off their shoes before they get to the living room. You can then periodically clean the mudroom carpet using the above procedure, or by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.  


16 April 2020

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