Reasons to Replace a Freestanding Bedroom Wardrobe With a Built-in Model

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To enjoy a relaxing bedroom, you need enough storage area that is accessible and convenient. Otherwise, it's easy for the room to get messy with clothes everywhere, and it can be hard to find items. That's why a built-in wardrobe is a good idea. Consider the following reasons for such an upgrade.

Maximise Storage

A built-in wardrobe allows you to maximise storage space. Many regular closets use space inefficiently. For example, a wardrobe might have one hanging rail set high up. This arrangement wastes area underneath as many clothes, like skirts and pants, don't need this full length. Often, shoes and a jumble of other items end up on the floor underneath.

You can customise a built-in wardrobe with smarter storage. For example, what about two hanging rods, one halfway down the closet? You can enhance the area in other ways by constructing shoe, tie, and belt racks. Wire baskets can store an array of gadgets and sporting equipment. Plus, you could insert jewellery drawers to organise accessories. By updating to a built-in wardrobe, you'll increase the efficiency of your storage space, whether you're increasing the overall closet's size or not.

Small Bedrooms

Built-in wardrobes are particularly apt for small bedrooms. You could paint the new closet the same colour as the walls to blend it seamlessly into the room and reduce visual clutter. On the other hand, a freestanding wardrobe has gaps along the top and sides, which wastes spaces and creates a messy appearance. The room will feel more crowded as a result. When designing a small room, the aim should be to create a seamless effect.

Additionally, you could install mirror doors on the wardrobe to reflect space and enlarge the room. Consider the door mechanism also. Sliding doors roll neatly to the side and don't take up floor area, which is handy in cramped areas. Though, swinging doors tend to offer broader access to the storage.

Inner Design

When designing a built-in wardrobe, don't forget about the inner recesses — the closet's back and side walls. Within the closet, you can design the look and colour. For example, paint the internal walls the same colour as the room walls or the window trim. Otherwise, create a feature of the closet back wall with gorgeous wallpaper, which will offer a surprise when you open the doors. The outer doors also come in different materials such as laminate, timber and polyurethane.


12 April 2021

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