Reasons to Install Plantation Shutters in Your Home

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It can be tricky to select the right window coverings for a home with so many options available. To dress up your home and offer light control, you might decide to install plantation shutters. Several of their benefits are described below.


Once you install plantation shutters, they can last for decades. These window coverings are more of an investment than some other options that only last a few years. With their sturdy and solid frame that fits within the window, shutters are less susceptible to wear and tear than loose, flimsy materials that aren't so structured. Thus, you won't need to replace plantation shutters as frequently as some other window coverings.


Plantation shutters flatter diverse home styles, including rustic, traditional and modern. Thus, if you remodel the decor over the years, these coverings can accommodate the new aesthetic. You can also style plantation shutters and create different looks by layering them with curtains. Additionally, when closed, plantation shutters can be seen from the street, so you'll enhance the room decor and curb view with the one upgrade.

Suits Different Window Shapes and Styles

Plantation shutters can feature narrow or small openings and broad, expansive windows and doors. Additionally, they can open in different ways. The shutters can be connected with hinges, so you can swing them outwards away from the window. Other options include bi-fold shutters that bend to the side. With their sturdy construction, plantation shutters can be built in large sizes without them sagging or straining. Additionally, you can vary the louvre sizes to suit the window. For example, you could install shutters that feature narrow slats on a small window, and on a broad window, you could install wider louvres that look more proportional.

Energy Efficient

The solid nature of plantation shutters helps to insulate a home. You can close them to stop solar heat emanating into the rooms in the summer. With a cooler house, you can turn down the air conditioning and save on energy costs. Pale colours reflect more light than darker hues that tend to absorb heat. Thus, white plantation shutters will reflect the most heat as far as colour goes.

Privacy and Light Control

Plantation blinds let you adjust light flow in several ways. You can angle the louvres to direct the sunlight upwards or downwards. Thus, while you're working at a computer, you can keep the glare off the screen while not closing the room to all daylight. Of course, you can swing or fold the shutters open to reveal a transparent window, or angle the blades closed to darken the room.


2 June 2021

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