Two situations in which you want to get composite decking

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Here are two situations in which you should get composite decking.

You've had termites in your home in the past

If your wooden floors, furniture or old decking has been attacked by termites in the past, then composite decking would probably be the best choice for your home's outdoor area.

The reason for this is that, as its name suggests, composite decking consists of multiple materials, including both plastic, wood and a binding material. Because of the plastic that is integrated into this decking material, termites won't be attracted to it in the way that they would if it consisted only of wood. As such, you should find that even if termites build nests near or on your property again, it's unlikely that they will damage your new decking by attempting to consume it.

This is especially important to note if you're hoping to build an elevated deck because if termites were to attack any of its support structures that keep the deck in its elevated position, this damage could make the deck collapse. The collapse of a deck whilst anyone is on or below it, could lead to many injuries. As such, if you want an elevated deck in this situation, composite decking would be safer than wood.

You want to minimise the chance of the deck cracking

Traditional wooden decks can crack quite easily. This can happen if the wooden deck is regularly exposed to fluctuations in temperature or some heavy impact. Cracks in your decking aren't just an aesthetic issue; they can also make the deck less functional or even unsafe.

For example, walking over a cracked wooden deck in your bare feet might result in the soles of your feet getting scratched. Likewise, the ends of your trousers may get caught in the deck's cracks and end up torn. You might also find that soil and dust build up in these gaps in the deck and make this space unsanitary. Finally, it can be expensive and laborious to fill these deck cracks.

Whilst it is possible for composite decking to crack, the plastic that is interwoven with the wood in this decking material means that this is far less likely to happen, as this plastic makes the structure more robust. Given this, if you'd prefer not to experience the issues described above with your new deck, you should have it constructed from composite timber. Reach out to a professional to get composite decking


29 July 2021

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