5 Benefits Of Awnings That You Might Not Know

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Awnings provide a wide range of benefits to homeowners. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics of a home, but they also provide protection against the elements and help with energy efficiency. If you are interested in getting a residential awning, here are some benefits of awnings that you might not know about:

1. Awnings Enhance Your Privacy

Awnings aren't just for blocking the sun; they can also add to your home's privacy by preventing people from seeing directly into your home. Awnings can help you block out the eyes of neighbours, people on the street and passersby. The fabric can be a lighter shade so that you can still see what is happening around you, but others cannot see inside of your home. If you have windows next to walkways or roads, awnings are the perfect solution for improving your privacy and security.

2. Awnings Help Reduce Energy Costs

One great benefit of having an awning installed is that they help reduce energy costs by providing shade in the summer months when it's hot outside. If your home or office gets direct sunlight during those months, an awning can provide much-needed relief from the heat and glare without blocking out natural light altogether (as curtains would). This allows less use of air conditioning units, which saves electricity and money on utility bills while still keeping things cool inside.

3. Awnings Protect Your Home's Exterior And Furnishings

Awnings serve two purposes: protection and design. Awnings protect your windows, patio furniture and landscaping from the damaging effects of the sun. The sun's rays can cause fading on carpets, drapes, walls, floors and furnishings. This fading is not only unsightly but can also potentially reduce the value of your home or business by thousands of dollars when you sell it. Not only does an awning protect these items from fading, but it also keeps them cooler, which extends their life as well as improves their comfort level.

4. Awnings Reduce Heat In Your Home

When you install awnings on your windows, they will help keep your home cooler when the temperature outside is high. By blocking sunlight from entering your house through the windows, awnings cool down your home and reduce the need to have air conditioning running at all times. They also allow you to enjoy beautiful views without having to be exposed to the glare of sunlight or its harmful UV rays.

5. Awnings Add Extra Living Space  

When the weather is nice, you can use an awning-covered space as an extension of indoor living space. You can set up an outdoor dining area or even add in a television and watch movies on the big screen while enjoying fresh air and some sunshine. This added square footage is great for entertaining or just relaxing with family. Some people even set up outdoor kitchens with stoves, ovens and other appliances so they can cook outside in the summertime.

Awnings can provide some key benefits to the homeowner including increased curb appeal, shade, durability, security and cost savings. Plus awnings can help conserve energy and provide added comfort to your home. If you need new roofing or would like to replace your current awnings it's important to consider several factors such as location, function and design. Chat to a friendly member of the sales team about awnings today.


16 March 2022

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