Barking Up the Right Tree: Make Good Choices for Your Garden

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Many families like the idea of planting trees in their garden. The thought of watching that sapling grow with your family is appealing — and of course, they provide nice greenery and shade, too. However, picking what kind of tree to plant can be intimidating, especially if you're not an experienced gardener. Naturally, picking a tree with a look that appeals to you is a good start, but here are a couple of ideas to inspire you.


Spruces, properly named picea trees, are absolutely stunning. You'll need to make sure you find a garden-friendly genus to plant, as these trees are naturally much too large — but these strains cultivated specially for gardeners are just right. They have a pretty conical shape and will drop cones which your children will love to collect. These trees will grow quite slowly, but they're excellent for beginners as they require no pruning whatsoever.


If you're looking for a tree that will flower, a catalpa tree is a beautiful option. Those flowers also have a pleasant, fresh scent. These trees have a light, summery look to them, which will appeal to many homeowners. You may wish to place the tree in an area of the garden with some wind shelter, as they are quite prone to being damaged in high winds — particularly so when they're still young. Other than that, you need only ensure that the soil around them is kept moist to allow them to grow nicely.


Birch trees, sometimes known as betula trees, are a really good option for inexperienced gardeners because they don't require much maintenance other than a little trimming to keep them tidy. They're well-suited to Australian soil, as they flourish in sun and do not require much moisture. Indeed, they grow best without too much water bogging them down. They come in a wide variety of colours from deep, dark greens all the way through to light, yellower shades, and their bark comes in many different colours too — among them the famous silver.


Of course, many tourists automatically associate these trees with Australia — but it's certainly not an unpleasant tree to be associated with. These beautiful trees grow quickly and into interesting shapes, which will please the eye of any gardener. They do need to be kept well-watered when they're still taking root, but older trees are pretty good at conserving water and won't struggle through drought periods. Birds are also very fond of eucalyptus trees, so if you're fond of local wildlife or would like to allow your children to learn about nature up close, this could be a great option for you.

Of course, there are a whole world of different trees out there at wholesale tree nurseries, and you can choose to give any kind you like a home in your garden. Just make sure you know what care the type you select will require, and be patient as you watch it flourish.


27 July 2018

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