Are Security Doors Just for Business Premises?

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Although security doors are a common feature in retail settings and production facilities, they are often just as good in residential situations, too. They obviously are primarily fitted to people's homes to beef up their security because they are much harder to batter down to gain unwarranted access than a conventional door would be. In this regard, they offer homeowners just the same advantage that they do business owners. However, such doors have other benefits that owner-occupiers might not have fully considered. What are they? Read on to discover why they're so popular in residential settings nowadays.

Good Aesthetics

To kick off, security doors do not have to look sturdy and plain to be able to offer great levels of strength and tamper resistance. Many of the products that are available in Australia today have an appearance that would not be out of place in any residential setting. In short, they look good and will fit in with the typical domestic architecture to be found in the country. Usually, no glazing is used but the addition of a spyglass will allow you to see who is outside when callers pass by.

Fire Resistance

Although not all security doors on the market are rated as fire doors, a good number of them will be. This is something worth checking before you invest in these sorts of doors. If a bushfire were to sweep past your home, then the addition of any close-fitting door that doesn't allow air to pass between it and its frame would be a benefit. Check the fire rating and benefit from greater safety in your home as well as security.

Crime Deterrence

Even a security door that doesn't look as though it has been primarily designed to keep people out will be noticed by professional criminals. They'll detect the difference between a conventional front door and one that provides additional security in seconds. Usually, they will realise there are easier places to break into elsewhere and not even bother trying to gain access to your home.

Lower Insurance Costs

It will depend on your home insurance provider but many will offer lower premiums if you have properly rated security products fitted. This is the case with many types of external doors that offer increased protection, especially if your insurer knows you have unique valuables inside, such as jewellery or a work of art, that may require additional security.

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26 January 2023

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