The benefits of adding smart functionality to your security doors

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Security doors make it harder for intruders to break into your home, thus securing your family and property.

However, you can take your security status a notch higher by incorporating smart functionality. Indeed, smart security doors are capable of detecting suspicious activity and notifying you via an alarm system. They can also monitor specific variables and offer a means for two-way communication.

Here are some of the benefits of equipping smart security doors in your home.

Round the clock active monitoring

Smart security doors contain sensors that can be programmed to monitor a wide range of features. For example, they can be sensitive to motion or touch and transmit a signal whenever someone comes near the door or attempts to open it. This can be useful during night-time hours or when you're away from home.

Sensors are essentially always working, meaning that they offer 24/7 protection to your home. They can also notify you if you haven't locked the door so that you can avoid making minor errors that can have extensive consequences.

Control from multiple locations

Smart security doors can be controlled remotely through a mobile application or a remote control device. They can transmit signals via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in order to give you more control over how the door operates.

For example, you can open/lock the door directly from your phone even when you're not at home. In this way, you can control access to your premises and increase the overall level of security. In addition, some smart security doors also keep a log of how and when the door was opened. This information is available to you anytime you need it.

Increased home value

If your home is equipped with modern smart security doors, it becomes more lucrative to potential buyers. This modern technology is more secure and reliable, and you can use it as a selling point when fetching a competitive price for your property.

Alarm and video recording features

Some smart security doors come with alarms and video recording features. They consist of a touchscreen panel that has an embedded video camera. The camera can capture images of people who are approaching your front door and send them to your control panel (or phone) in real time.

In this way, you can receive an instant notification of any potential threats or visitors who are arriving at your home. Reach out to a security door installation company for more information.


22 August 2018

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