How a Retail Interior Designer Could Transform Your Business

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If you have an established retail business that's been going for some years, you may be quite happy with the progress but think that you could do a lot better, especially when compared to some of your competitors. You may think that your brand message and positioning strategies are okay but wonder whether your "bricks and mortar" locations are as good as they could be. Why should you engage the services of an interior consulting professional to see if you can turn things around?

Interior Design Value

You may be familiar with the services of an interior designer and may have used one when you built your own home. After all, these services can help to integrate personality through various design elements or through the strategic placement of furniture, and you know that it can make any structure stand out from the rest.

However, you may not have thought about extending this type of philosophy to your business premises. You may be more focused on selling individual items to people who come into your stores by concentrating on the philosophy and process associated with this, but you may be missing out on the bigger picture.

Representing Your Brand

A specialist will help you to create a customer-facing space that will be a true physical representation of your brand. They may help you look at your branding to start off with, to see whether you could incorporate some special design principles into a new logo or message. However, they will probably be more interested in applying such a branding package to that physical environment.

Strategic Placement

These experts may help you to design items of furniture that are more appropriate and put up signs in strategic locations to help augment the overall message. They will design custom fixtures that are unique to your facility and ensure that any merchandising items are placed in the correct location.

Building the Experience

They may also help you with your mood lighting and background music so that the overall "vibe" of the place is transformed as soon as people walk in through the door. After all, you will want the experience to grow as people spend more time within the facility, so that they go away with a good overall impression, even if they don't buy anything on this first visit.

Individual Approach

Often, the retail interior designer can help to recommend contractors who they have worked with before and who will be particularly good at converting the theory into reality. Furthermore, they can tailor-make your overall design to an individual store in a specific neighbourhood, should the marketing plan call for a separate approach.


Have a word with a design team to see if your stores require such an overhaul, to put you back on track for success.


23 September 2018

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