Why Fit Bespoke Cabinets In Your Kitchen?

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Although standard kitchen cabinets will look fine if they are installed professionally, there is nothing like a bespoke alternative instead. Skilled cabinet makers can produce some truly stunning results no matter whether you want a traditional-looking kitchen or one that is much more contemporary in style. What are the benefits of turning to a cabinet maker when refitting your kitchen? 

High-Quality Units

To begin with, standard kitchen units are not all of the same quality. Although the countertop you use with them and the doors may be very attractive looking, as soon as you look inside kitchen cabinets, you can usually tell whether they are of high quality or not. This is because they tend to be made of nothing more than chipboard with a veneer that is laid over the top. In any holes that have been cut out for shelving pegs and so on, you can detect this inferior material. Equally, veneers tend to come unstuck with age so you can distinguish standard units in this way, too. With a bespoke set of kitchen cabinets made by professional cabinet makers, on the other hand, you get premium quality throughout.

Adaptable Designs

When you are only using standard kitchen units, there are often problems that need to be overcome with walls that bow inwards or outwards or floors that are not quite flat. There again, you might have pipework that needs to be hidden behind your kitchen units, but you may also need to gain access to them to be able to turn off the water supply, for example. In such situations, prefabricated kitchen units often need to be cut down or reshaped in some way which limits their usefulness. With a fully tailored unit, this is not the case because everything is made to measure to fit in perfectly with your desired design no matter what shape and size of the kitchen you are fitting out.

A Unique Look

When you have cabinet makers producing your kitchen cupboards, island units and doors for integrated appliances, you will end up with something that no one else has. This means your kitchen will not only look unique but feel different every time you interact with it. This could be the way the cabinet doors open or the feel of the work surfaces. Needless to say, unique kitchens are always a cut above standard ones. What's more, fitting one is probably not as expensive as you might think, and installing one will add plenty of value to your home, as well.


29 July 2020

Creating A Stylish And Functional Kitchen On A Budget

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and as someone who enjoys cooking, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and need it to be functional and easy to maintain. In the past, I sacrificed style for functionality, but as I use my kitchen frequently, I wanted the space to be aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to spend time in. I began reading interior design and home improvement books to gain some inspiration for transforming my kitchen without breaking the bank, and I now have a kitchen that's stylish and does what I need it to do. The kitchen is often overlooked when it comes to home decor, so I started this blog to share what I've learned with others who don't want to spend time cooking in an ugly, outdated room. I hope you find my blog useful.