Do You Need an Architect For a Residential Extension?

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To begin with, you do not need to hire an architecture firm to come up with plans when designing a residential extension. Indeed, because so many suburban homes in Australia looks similar, you may well find that opting for a standard design is something that will be perfectly acceptable to you. Nevertheless, modern architecture design offers many practical and aesthetic advantages that ought to be factored into your decision making. Therefore, although you may be able to find a so-called design and build firm which can deliver your project for you, it is often preferable to turn to professional architecture firm instead. Why?

More Original Design

One of the main reasons for using an architect is that they will be able to come up with a unique design for you. Maybe you want an extension that will provide you with an increased degree of mobility or perhaps you want to alter your living spaces to suit a particular lifestyle? With an architecture your firm behind you, you can achieve these sorts of outcomes much more easily. Standard designs often look drab and cause homeowners some disappointment after the extension has been built. This is rarely the case when the design has been thoroughly and professionally thought-through from the outset.

More Chance of Approval

If you want to have your plans approved, then professional oversight is usually highly advisable. Bear in mind that any good architecture firm in your area should be able to come up with a design that not only pleases you but the local planning authorities, as well. After all, coming up with a design yourself only to find that it falls foul of the planning regime will add to the cost of the extension. Indeed, there is no guarantee on your own design being accepted even after you have adjusted it following an initial refusal.

More Knowledge and Skill

When you hire an architect your firm to help you with an extension, it is not just about the overall look and feel of the project that will be impacted. Architects are highly skilled and accredited professionals with a great deal of knowledge in many aspects of building design. This will mean that you can specify certain outcomes that you want to achieve, such as improved thermal efficiency, the use of green building products or even a design that maximises the amount of natural light that will come into the extension. In short, whatever your priorities are as the client, your chosen architecture firm should be able to come up with a plan that brings them to the fore.

Reach out to a local architecture firm to learn more.


2 December 2020

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