Living Room Trends for Lockdown Life

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The living room and all its furniture have long been a central location for family life in the home, but with lockdowns continuing in different areas, the living room has become an even more vital spot for work, play, relaxation, and entertainment. That also means that old decorations and old items can become tiresome to deal with after a while, and you need a change. If you're planning to renovate your living room, look at the latest trends. They're made for comfort and practicality.

Earthy and Neutral Are Back

Admittedly, did neutrals ever go away? Sort of; for a while, more colourful covers and accent-piece pillows were in style. But the past couple of years have made calming, neutral tones more welcome again. While living rooms aren't necessarily reverting to the all-oat-and-ecru trend of the 1990s, the overall tone is one of serenity and light but warm colours. Light tans, subdued greens, and even grey (a very popular colour for sofas) form the main colour palette.

Note that accent walls still exist, only now the colours are muted and blend a little better with the rest of the room. Think medium tan on one wall and light beige on the other three, rather than having three white walls and one dark red or dark blue. By the way, white is not in this palette; if you want very light colours, go for light beige and light grey. Use white only as an accent in areas where it won't quickly become grimy-looking.

Get Soft Sofas

Forget the tough exterior of a tight leather sofa cover; it's all about softness now. In most cases, that means cloth coverings for sofa cushions; leather is still around, but now that leather sofa should look softer and more like something to sink into after a difficult day. The lines of cloth-covered sofas should be clean and trim. The overall effect you want is of a living room that is meant for long-term comfort during a lockdown rather than entertaining guests who are only about seeing how fashionable you are. To learn more, contact companies that sell Aussie-made sofas. 

Go for Minimal 

The trends for living rooms are not spartan in the least; these are meant to be comforting, multi-functional rooms, and that means there will be more things in there than just a chair and side table. But a trend that's formed over the past couple of years is one of everything having a place and use. Think of the Marie-Kondo trend from a few years ago with everything needing to bring you joy; now it's everything truly being something you want in the room. For example, instead of loading up sofas with throw pillows along every available inch, now you might have two or three. If you like plants, you'll have plants, but any plant you add to the room should be one that you actively like to look at and care for, and not just as a mindless decoration that you thought should be there because others would expect to see it.

Add Chaise Sectionals

One, more specific trend, is to add a chaise section to your sectional sofa. These longer cushions allow you to put your feet up without worrying about someone running into and moving a table, ottoman, or footstool and making you get up to readjust everything. If you have a sectional sofa that you can modify, look for chaise sections to add to the end.

Items that grab people's attention when they walk into a room, such as sofas, can have a huge influence on how people see the space. Look at furniture galleries online to see which sofas and sectionals might work well in your revamped living room.


30 September 2021

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